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The Story

In 2014 we decided it was time to create a place the family could visit year after year away from the rush of the city. A place where our children could experience the outdoors in a much more personal way, as Jessica and I both did growing up. We wanted to find a place where the stars were bright, the trees were tall, and the sounds were of the birds, the bees, and a running creek. We wanted something comfortable where we could enjoy a modern space while being as close to the forest as possible. And, we wanted to be close enough to a town that we could easily go out to get groceries, visit the library, and use our cell phones.

The result is a very unique 10 acre property and a custom build cabin not far from Elma, Montesano, Aberdeen, and Olympia in Washington. The cabin is build from two IBC shipping containers that journeyed the seas many times before being transformed in to a living space. I worked for months to convince Jessica that we should build a place using them. It wasn’t her first idea, though over time she came to like the uniqueness and security they would provide.

The inside of the cabin reminds me of a bright, modern, urban flat while the view from every window and french door reminds you that you are literally in the forest and no one else is around. The ceiling is much higher than you would expect from shipping containers… they are actually taller than our house in the city. The bedrooms and living area have floor to ceiling french doors letting in the natural light and bringing the forest closer to you. The bathroom has a full shower and massive mirror over the sink. The kitchen has butcher block counter-tops, a cook top, refrigerator, and large sink. The living room is spacious with two whole walls of floor to ceiling windows and just outside is a large deck where you can conveniently enjoy being outside.

The property has a year round creek with a nice pond where the salamanders, newts, and frogs grow. There are hiking trails on the property that we have cut through the ferns and if you enjoy hiking or mountain biking you can easily connect to hundreds of miles of old, untraveled logging roads in the neighboring private and state forests that cover millions of acres of land.

There is plenty of peace available on the property.

You can also venture out. Elma is nearby with a hospital, restaurants, grocery store, and the county fairgrounds and raceway. Montesano, Aberdeen, and the Washington Coast lay to the West. Olympia is to the East. There are state parks to visit. There are antiques to find. There are small towns to explore.

Come visit, you will enjoy it.